Collagen is a special type of protein that makes a big difference in the health and appearance of your hair, skin, nails, and joints.

Under normal circumstances, your body produces its own collagen stores by breaking down the protein you eat into usable amino acids. However, as you get older, the amount of collagen your body produces starts to decrease.

Your body doesn’t require any less collagen, so you must either begin supplementing with it, add more collagen-rich foods to your diet, or consume foods that increase your body’s natural collagen production. 

Eating foods that contain collagen will add to your body’s collagen stores. But your body needs the right mix of ingredients to make more collagen on its own.

Amino acids and specific vitamins and minerals, such as copper, zinc, and vitamin C, help your body naturally produce more collagen.

Foods that boost collagen production:

Wild salmon, sardines, citrus & tropical fruits, strawberries, avocado, sweet red & yellow peppers, leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, chia, pumpkin and flax seeds.

Consider using collagen supplements; they’re a convenient and easy way to hit your  daily collagen targets. This will give you a solid baseline of collagen, and anything you eat above that will put you in a better place.