Ethical egg farming does exist

flock of hens on green field

Farmer Eddie

Farmer Eddie is pioneering a partnership between a group of certified organic citrus farms with the highest calibre of pasture and healthy laying hens. The relationship between grass, fertile organic soil and the potential it offers to give the chickens the healthiest pasture, resulting in the highest quality eggs.

The expanse of the organic citrus orchards offers up an incredible grazing space in one of the most perfect environments for laying hens. Each area is fenced off to provide 1500 m2 of safe free-range pasture to only 300 chickens.  The night-time roosting caravans are opened in the morning to give the chickens unlimited access to lush green grazing under the shade of organic citrus trees.

Farmer Eddie’ Ferreira has added another dimension to the orchards of The Soga (Sundays Organic Growers Association) group of certified organic citrus farms with his hens.

Eddie and Johnny Ferreira are brothers who through a series of health and life challenges developed a passion for healthy living through healthy food. After the pain of losing their sister to cancer rather swiftly, the urge to farm healthier food divorced from the chemical reality of modern agriculture developed, and the courage of following heart and belief no matter the cost.

Eddie warmly describes the flood of relief when he got his first certificate back that confirmed the feed to be entirely non-GM, always a nerve-racking time for a committed farmer as GMO’s contaminate so much of life, a source of great misery and turmoil for the organic hearts and souls amongst us. It isn’t easy to get a 100% pass on non-GM input and for this reason, it is the ultimate confirmation that your feed sourcing was successful.

Jo’s Pasture Raised Food

Jo’s pasture raised hens are completely free range and roam around happily all day in fresh pastures.

Jo’s farm
Jo’s Pasture Raised Hens

All their animals are raised ethically and honestly, free from antibiotics and growth promoters, with access to grass and sunlight all day. 

Their eggs are  produced by very happy healthy hens, roaming free all day in lush and vibrant pastures that are situated on our farm in Harrismith, South Africa. 

The hens sleep and lay in their mobile trailers which are regularly moved to fresh pastures. Also known as hen mobiles or chicken tractors, due to the way the chickens progressively work the lands by scratching about, spreading manure and eating parasites. 

At night, safe and warm in their trailer on their wooden perches, they fertilize the lands with their litter.

“My goal has always been to feed my family in the most healthy and ethical way possible. As a family we produce our own food which also teaches our children about humane farming. Jo’s pasture raised food now supplies other people who also believe in holistic living. I strongly believe we need to honor, respect and appreciate the life that goes into our food. Intensive farming systems overlook the ecological benefits that holistic farming is based on.”

~Jo Spilsbury

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