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Why use a meal plan?

The idea of following a meal plan can be daunting, but that’s only because you’ve probably never tried it before. Having a meal plan has many benefits; it allows you to plan ahead, limits your shopping list, prevents you from eating unhealthy meals and ensures you give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Bottom line, it simplifies your life – you don’t even have to think about what’s for dinner! Although our meal plans stipulate exactly what to eat, once you become familiar with various food groups, your meal plan only serves as a blueprint. There are many ways to make it fun and exciting, and on Patreon I will show you how I use my meal plan as my personal food bible on a permanent basis.

Why use a training program?

Most people become gym drop-outs or simply can’t be bothered to attempt gym in the first place because they don’t have a plan that gives them the confidence that their efforts will be rewarded. All valid, because without a goal in mind and a well structured plan that will get you to your goal, you can’t measure your progress and you will lack motivation. Men and woman have the exact same muscle groups which functions in the exact same way, therefor, there is no difference in the way men vs woman should exercise. This is a great way for both you and your partner to start exercising together.

Combining exercise and strategic nutritional planning for optimal results

Vigorous exercise without proper nutrition will do you more harm than good – especially when it comes to pre- and post workout meals. ALWAYS get your pre- and post workout meals spot on! I cannot emphasize it enough! The nutritional values of your pre- and post workout meals is calculated based on your ideal weight and forms part of your total daily protein requirement. To assist you with that, I have formulated meal plans which we refer to as our “Elite meal plans”. This includes pre- and post workout meals on weekdays.

As a Patron you will be able to download our Elite meal plans absolutely free. In addition, you will also receive a free copy of my training program. You will have access to my video archive demonstrating my training program in detail, how to decrease or increase intensity to suit your fitness level, how to apply proper technique, bonus exercise routines you can do at home and much more. As a HH Patron you have an online personal trainer at your fingertips, not per hour, but 24/7.

Join our private Facebook group

The main purpose for our private Facebook group is to allow me to monitor your progress. You are encouraged to take photos of your meals and share it on the group. Upload short video clips of yourself performing exercises, share your monthly assessment results, and exchange meal prepping ideas with others. This is a very effective motivator, and makes it fun and exciting. I will be dedicating time daily to read and evaluate your posts, answer any questions you may have and comment where needed.

Our core meal plans and resources are free and available to anyone because we are passionate about driving change in consciousness. You don’t have to become a Patron to start making healthier and more ethical, environmental friendly food choices, but it helps. Patreon is especially for those who are serious about getting in shape, who believes in driving change collectively and support our initiative.

Please note that you will be charged immediately upon signing up and again on the first day of each month. If you don’t want to be billed twice in a short period of time, consider waiting till the beginning of the following month. Memberships are monthly and you can cancel at anytime.

Healthy Harmony Patron ($15/m)

As a HH Patron you will have access to all content related to nutrition and exercise.


Elite Meal Plan

12-Week training program

Invitation to join our private Healthy-Harmony Facebook group.

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As a HH Ambassador, you will have access to all content available to HH Patrons and receive a free gift from our exclusive merchandise after every three months of loyal support. You will also have the opportunity to get to know me as I’ll be sharing with you candid behind the scenes content.


Elite Meal Plan

12-Week training program

Behind the scenes content

Loyalty gift every 3 months

Invitation to join our private Healthy-Harmony Facebook group.

Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire conscious living. Living an unconscious life is NOT a good look!

Being conscious is being fabulous!

The greatest threat to our planet is thinking someone else will save it.

We thank you, Mother Earth thank you… your body, mind and soul will thank you too!

​Namaste beautiful souls