Different Forms of Exercise and their Purpose

Functional training Functional training improves your body’s ability to work efficiently as one unit. By training multiple muscle groups at the same time, you are helping your body function better as a whole.  It also improves coordination, balance, and body awareness, which will help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Three to four weeks of functional trainingContinue reading “Different Forms of Exercise and their Purpose”

The Effects Various Forms of Exercise have on Bone Density

Exercise programs are classified as follows: static weight-bearing exercises e.g. single-leg standing high-impact weight-bearing exercises e.g. jogging, running, dancing, jumping, and vibration platform low-impact weight-bearing exercises e.g. walking high-impact non-weight-bearing exercises e.g. progressive resistance training low-impact non-weight-bearing exercises e.g. swimming Prolonged aerobic training, e.g., swimming, cycling, and walking is widely beneficial to all body systems,Continue reading “The Effects Various Forms of Exercise have on Bone Density”

Exercise for Fat Loss

Fat loss You may see cardio and weights as two distinct types of exercise, but when you put them together, you have the most powerful combination for fat loss success. One of the perennial questions about exercise for weight loss (fat loss) is whether to concentrate on aerobic exercise (cardio) or resistance or weight trainingContinue reading “Exercise for Fat Loss”

Combining Resistance Training with Cardiovascular Training

The standard advice is to do cardio and strength workouts in separate sessions or on alternate days. A sample program would have resistance training workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and cardio training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can also combine your cardio days with yoga or stretching.   But if you have troubleContinue reading “Combining Resistance Training with Cardiovascular Training”

Increasing Load for Resistance Training

There are many suggested training regimens that vary the load weight, the number of repetitions, and the rest intervals between sets. While each has its proponents, the end results may depend more on your dedication to your workouts. The weights workout for muscle hypertrophy should be vigorous, with the number of repetitions kept at the low toContinue reading “Increasing Load for Resistance Training”

Applying the Correct Breathing Technique During Exercise

It is important to note that various muscle groups are recruited during the breath cycle to assist in respiration.  This fact should be taken into account when dictating a breathing pattern while performing an exercise to maximize desired muscle recruitment and offers the following benefits: ·  Oxygenate the blood and nourish the body on aContinue reading “Applying the Correct Breathing Technique During Exercise”