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Only availible on the Ovo-pesce-polarian meal plan. Chicken breast and drumsticks are the healthiest parts of a chicken which is highest in protein and lowest in saturated fat. Always avoid eating the skin.

Sticky tofu bites alongside red kidney bean salad. Tofu doesn’t have any flavor on its own, which means you can give it any flavor you want.

When it comes to most healthy and environmentally friendly fish then sardines is at the top of the list. Rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B3 & B12, calcium & vitamin D while low in mercury. I’m not a fan of preparing fresh sardines as the smell is simply too intense for me, and therefor opt for canned sardines instead. I enjoy it most alongside mashed potatoes.

This combination also works well as a poke bowl meal.

Tofu & lentils

26th May 2022

Tofu has much less protein compared to meat, which is why it is so important to serve it with a protein rich legume, such as lentils. I enjoy lentils best in a curry.

My choice for a fatty fish here was South-African Rainbow Trout which is Green-listed. Roasting is not the most healthy way to prepare your potatoes but feel free to spoil yourself every now and then. When you generally eat healthy, little treats can be very forgiving. Broccoli tender stems has a higher protein content than most other green vegetables, but there is no wrong in switching it out for any other green vegetable.

Egg & Avocado on toast

26th May 2022

Who doesn’t enjoy egg & Avocado on toast? It is recommended that you use gluten free or wheat free bread, alternatively sourdough bread is also good. As long as you avoid white bread you will be just fine. We’ll leave that one up to you to decide.

What’s most import is that you seek out a trusted brand that produces pasture raised eggs. Industrial egg farming is cruel and inhumane and we don’t want to support animal cruelty, instead we want to support ethical and humane farming practices.

Look for the Animal Welfare Approved logo.


26th May 2022

For each day of the week you will find a different recipe for your daily smoothie. Two ingredients that are present in each is calcium fortified plant based milk and protein powder. Not only does your smoothie supplement your daily protein intake but also serves as a calcium boost. This is very filling and serves as a meal on its own.

Meat lovers often opt for 2 eggs alongside bacon and/or sausages. Two eggs does not provide enough protein for a single meal, therefor it is important to include a protein shake. You can either have your almonds on the side or alternatively, throw them in a blender with your protein shake. Strawberries, blackberries or blueberries is recommended due to its high antioxidant content, but feel free to opt for any other fruit should you wish to do so.

A green juice made with green apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon juice and ginger is a great add-on to start your day, and is highly recommended.

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate

Most people give no consideration to their daily macronutrient ratio, and simply eat what they feel like. Over time this leads to gradual weight gain, accelerated aging and even illness. The biggest challenge most people face is consuming enough protein and healthy fats on a daily basis. While protein and healthy fats are essential to the body, carbohydrates are not. Yet most individuals tend to consume more carbohydrates than protein and healthy fats together. Our meal plans are intended to shed light on this imbalance in your diet, and to provide you with an example of what your daily meals should look like to correct it. Nothing is set in stone, and there is no wrong in replacing one green vegetable for another. We do recommend that you weigh your food portions, but don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Once you become familiar with your portion sizes, there is no wrong in eyeballing it.

How you choose to prepare your meals is entirely up to you. Also feel free to mix and match as you please and to switch meals around. What you do want to aim for is to eat everything indicated on your meal plan for each day.

What you will find below are some examples of my very own meals. Depending on your goal weight category, your portion sizes will either be bigger or smaller. If these meals look like something you could easily manage, go ahead and hit the “Get Started” button at the top of the page.

On the meal plan you will find the main ingredients for the meal, in this case, fish, rice & asparagus with the recommended portion sizes for your goal weight. How you choose to prepare it, is entirely up to you. However, avoid deep frying, instead invest in an air fryer or pan fry with non stick spray or opt for grilling.

In this instance I made savory rice with grilled white fish and steam-fried asparagus. Feel free to add low calorie vegetables to your meals to add flavor, such as bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms etc. You will notice that we did not include any green tossed salads on the meal plan. The reason for this is because we want you to include greens as often as possible, at least one green salad per day, or alternatively, have a green juice. But we leave this up to you to decide. In addition, we all have our favorite fruits and they are all healthy. Should you feel like a snack, opt for a fruit. We recommend 2 servings of fruit per day. One serving can be seen as an average sized fruit like an apple or orange or the equivalent of approximately 150 – 200g.

Always opt for firm tofu and remember to press it for 30 min before cooking. This will allow it to absorb flavors. Find your local Chinese market for low prices. Tofu is usually sold in standard sized blocks, weighing 200g.

Here I made a spicy onion and tomato relish then added the chickpeas and tofu. I like to prepare it in advance before serving to allow the tofu to fully absorb the flavors. I dosed the carrots in freshly squeezed orange juice for a sweet flavor alongside the spicy dish.