About me

Mary-Anne Gradwell

Creator of Healthy Harmony

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.”


I’m conscious of the impact my food choices have on my health, on animal welfare and our environment, and I’m grateful that I am no longer living an unconscious life.

At 45, I choose not to allow age to change me – I change the way I age.

I’m not vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian. I simply don’t eat meat that comes from intensive animal farming, nor do I eat dairy. I only eat fish that is MSC certified, green aqua farmed trout and free range eggs that are pasture-reared. Occasionally I treat myself to game and a glass of red wine.

I grew up as a farm girl on the outskirts of Johannesburg. I travelled extensively and lived in Tel-Aviv, Paris, New York, London, Rome, Bogotá and Tokyo. I speak fluent English and Afrikaans, and understand conversational Hebrew and Spanish. I now live in Johannesburg and have a beautiful teenage daughter. 

I entered the fitness industry in 1999 as a fitness consultant and group fitness instructor. In 2004 I did a diploma in exercise science, and worked as a personal trainer. In 2017 I renewed my qualification and successfully obtained an advanced certificate in Exercise Science. 

Over the last four years I’ve been working on perfecting my skills at maintaining a healthy body and slowing down aging as I find myself in my mid 40’s. How I apply nutrition and exercise has changed my life, and I recognize that there are thousands of others who can benefit from this as much as I do. I also realized that not only can it benefit individuals, but also our planet. I’m passionate about nature and this was a powerful motivator to share it with the world.

I believe in conscious living, gratitude, empathy, authenticity and integrity. Most of all, I believe in self-love. If love conquers all, then surely self-love gives it the fortitude to do so. 

I love my body, I love my mind and I live my one life to the fullest. I love life! My next adventure is to make a difference: 

Help others take control of their health and fitness and do my part to bring humans, animals and the planet into Harmony.

Join me, you’ll love it!