Choose a Meal Plan

Eating healthy and in harmony is easy if you focus on what you should be eating, not on what you shouldn’t!

Most people see a meal plan as some sort of program to help you lose weight. If you see our meal plans like most people do, in the long run you will fall short. Yes, you will lose weight and dramatically improve your health, but the main purpose of our meal plans is to teach you exactly what your body needs, and more importantly, how you can achieve your daily nutritional needs while being kind to our world.

You can choose between two perfectly calibrated meal plans which are dairy, wheat & sugar free and does not include red meat. Please consider game when treating yourself to red meat when the occasion presents itself.

  • Ovo-pescetarian – This includes fish and eggs. (Most animal friendly).

We highly encourage you to make conscious food choices when it comes to animal products, such as choosing pasture reared free range eggs and MSC certified sustainable seafood. This way you will also be supporting ethical family farming and small-scale fisheries.

  • Pesce-polarian – This includes chicken, eggs and fish.

Not everyone is ready to give up all meat, and we understand this. Eliminating dairy and red meat already reduces your carbon footprint in a big way and benefits your health exponentially. Although this meal plan includes one serving of chicken daily, please consider alternating days between the pesce-polarian and ovo-pescetarian meal plans and buy free range chicken only.

Now select your preference…

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